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Dispenser for liquid food additives
Dispenser for liquid food additives

Different types of liquid food additives are commonly used in many food-producing plants, which is especially evident in the baking industry.


Often additives are supplied in containers of several liters and then added in the production process by means of various types of measuring equipment more or less suitable for dosing liquid. However, this approach requires a lot of discomfort, as part of the additive can often spill, do not always face exactly the same, etc.


Our company has developed a series of dispensers for accurate dosing of liquid additives. The use of our products in the dispensing of liquid enhancers such as in the preparation of dough allows you to keep clean, accelerate the process of dosing, and most importantly ensures repeatability of the amount of additive to be added in the production process.


Since manufacturers often determine the amount of the food additive to be added in a percentage content of the additive in the total amount of flour, our dispensers are well adapted to such an input amount of dosing the additive.


You can choose the mode between dosing in kg (or liter - depending on how the calibration was performed) or by entering the amount of flour and percentage  which is an add-on.


Dispensers are made of stainless steel.


Performance and accuracy depends on the diameter and length of tubing metering input suction hoses. Therefore before ordering the device is recommended to determine the parameters and selecting the optimal size of the tubing.


Typically, dosing accuracy is about 3%. Dispensers are, however, self-calibration function, which at constant input tubing arrangement allows for increased accuracy up to 0.5%.


Dispensers are based on a peristaltic pump. It is a self-priming pump, which dispenses the liquid is in contact only with the tubing, which is dispensed. Other elements of the dispenser does not come into contact with the liquid so that they are very sterile equipment.
Tubing to the pump are made of Marprene, have high chemical resistance, and are of very high quality.
Inside the dispenser is typically applied to the silicone tubing connections. If necessary, can be changed to a different type.
The maximum outlet pressure is 1.5 bar. The dispenser is protected from plugging the output during dispensing.
Input under pressure is a maximum of 0.6 bar for models 520R2 and 0.4 bar for the other.


520R2 labeled versions have higher capacity pump. For water and metering tube dia. 8mm, it is about 4.5 l / min.
Dispensers can be equipped with an external input START switching allows dosing external contact such as the photocells.
Performance version that is unmarked 520R2 hose for water and 4.8mm about 0.9 l / min.
Dispensers are marked DSC1 monorail, and marked DSC2 two-track (two independent dosing).


We also offer stainless steel accessories to lance dispenser such as input, output spout, spout cup to suspend output and connection hoses


We are able to perform any configuration of the dispenser.