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We offer a device for dispensing water in industrial processes. Our offer is mainly addressed to the bakery market for which we offer a water dispenser-mixer allowing dispense the right amount of water at a specific temperature.


Our water dispensers-mixers allow you to save up to 30 percent of water consumption in the production process. This is possible thanks to the technology that made it possible to eliminate the so-called. discharge water into the sewage system.


Both water dispensers and water dispenser-mixers are offered in many versions. With a broad range of water dispensers and mixers every customer finds a product tailored to their needs.


We are the manufacturer of the device for both mechanical and hydraulic parts and controls. This ensures the smooth operation of the device and the ability to quickly adapt the product to individual customer requirements, eg increasing the size of the port, adding the remote start button, adding a MODBUS ASCII communication module, etc.


We have also developed a group of dispensers for dispensing any liquid substance that is not present  under pressure . An actuator of the group is the peristaltic pump dispensers which can accurately dispense liquids by suction and pumping. Dispensed liquid is in contact only with the tubing dosing, making this device a very sterile and easy to clean.


Liquid dispensers can operate in single mode, where each dosing is started pressing the START key, or in a cyclic mode, where you take the next dose at regular intervals until the STOP button to stop the process.
Dispensers of liquids are perfect for any kind of liquid spill for smaller vessels such as spillage from barrels to bottles.


We give the annual warranty for our products. We provide fast warranty service.


We have created a range of products that enable the introduction of paid use of access to water.


All our equipment, we are able to adapt to the individual needs of our customers. We guarantee fast warranty service.