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about us

TELDREAM company since 1991 working in industrial automation to provide high quality electronic solutions, as well as complete units to customers around the world.

Examples of products appreciated at home and abroad may be water dispensers, water dispensers-mixer, metering of liquids and temperature controllers used in bakery ovens. The strong point of our company are also controls humidity and equipment and data acquisition systems.

In doing so, the company has specialized in providing services to companies in the food industry, especially baking. We have completed many projects for clients in other industries, such as chemist, and metal.

In order to satisfy our clients we make every effort to ensure the smooth operation of production units and minimize the loss and downtime due to failures. The quality of our products is our priority. We are constantly looking for new technologies, and most reliable components.

Our products are constantly upgraded in terms of the use of newer, more reliable components. As a result, we are able to connect with each other over the years, proven solution with the quality and functionality possible to achieve thanks to technological advances.

The company has manufacturing and service profile. All our products are based on its own designs and technical thought. Our strong point is to create a small series of products tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

The first works were related to the development of controllers for monitoring and control processes associated with the soaking and hardening materials. As a result of these works were created programmable microprocessor controllers for control and supervision of the furnaces for goldsmiths, jewelers, as well as drivers and hardening furnaces for melting metals. This topic also developed their own modular solid-state power relays. They are very affordable and can fully replace expensive foreign party modules available on the market.

The company very seriously dealt with the development controls in food processing machinery. As a result of the project was a family of specialized drivers. They control: bakery ovens (electric, gas, oil), dryers (pasta, fruit, wood), garowniami, label printers, devices for the production of yeast, miesiarkami.

The company also manufactures temperature controllers (analog and digital), humidity regulators, pressure regulators, time control, data logging device.

Many studies have been patented and the company has a monopoly on their production. The company's products are used outside of the country (USA, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Germany, Canada, Slovakia, Morocco, etc.). Its products are presented at prestigious fairs.

A very strong position in our business is service offer. Due to the fact that most of our devices operates continuously and can cause significant down time reduced the time to repair damage to a minimum of equipment. Length of stay repaired equipment in our company less than 2 days. In special cases we send service equipment for substitution immediately after application. This reduces maintenance time to time send virtually the device.