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Water doser - mixer USP with ice water input

FEEDER - WATER MIXER USP is a device equipped with a microprocessor-based controller designed to measure the flow of water required for a given temperature. Particularly useful is the amount of water needed in a variety of technological processes carried out batchwise, in which the temperature plays an important role in processes such as in the food industry (bakery, confectionery, pasta production, etc.)


Our water dispensers-mixers allow you to save up to 30 percent of water consumption in the production process. This is possible thanks to the technology that made it possible to eliminate the so-called. discharge water into the sewage system.


The device is equipped with an additional connection to connect chilled water from the cooler. Depending on the water temperature we want to dispense hot water is mixed with cold or cold with ice.

FEEDER - WATER MIXER USP is adapted to receive hot and cold water directly from the mains and ice directly from the cooler.
It has a built-in mixer allows you quickly get water discharges at the desired temperature.
Dispensers of our products are new, but proven and tested product that is constantly improved and developed based on feedback from existing users.


All feeders are fully automatic. Thanks to modern solutions eliminates mechanical knob.
Dispenser control unit is an electronic microprocessor controller USP designed and manufactured by our company based on the latest controller. Software systems is also made in our company, so we can immediately respond to the suggestions reported by current users.


Devices have a built-in automatic temperature adjustment during dosing, depending on the water temperature has been pour out. This allows the water to get the desired temperature without having to dump the water. In addition, the function of self-learning devices have, which helps reduce to a minimum the time to come to temperature. In addition, dispensers have the most recent batches reset to the password, which allows for additional control and process workers.


Actuators (solenoid valves, actuators, valves, mixers, flow sensors) mounted dispensers are of the highest quality and are produced by world-renowned companies such as: Rossweiner, Danfoss, Esco, Hankook Gas and others.


PROG version is enriched programs. In 20 programs can be stored amount of water and its temperature to the dough recipe. You do not need to remember these parameters, only bring the appropriate number of the program, described on the cover dispenser.

Versions with connections ½ "have a capacity of about 25 liters per minute, versions with connections ¾" approximately 60 liters per minute.


Dispensers produce two ranges: from setting up to 99.9 liters and 0.1 liters, and the resolution of the setting to 999 liters and a resolution of 1 liter.