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SRD data recording system
SRD data recording system

SRD Data Recording System was developed to serve as a comprehensive solution for HACCP monitoring system. It consists of a central unit and a number of measurement modules (max. number of modules / sensors is 247).


The central module is responsible for collecting and storing data from measurement modules. This data can be periodically or on an ongoing basis, transferred to a PC for control TELDREAM supplied by the software. The system is designed so that it can run unattended PC, whose presence is required only to set up the system, or the periodic reading of results.



Measurement modules offered ANALOG INPUT MODULE work with a wide range of sensors such as sensors, resistive (eg Pt100), thermocouple, the output current 0-20mA or 4-20mA, with voltage output 0-1V, and appearing on a range of excellent digital temperature and humidity sensors UPWT.



Select the type of sensor is made so that the software can be very easy to change the sensor type already in service. The use of high quality components and modules available have a high sensing accuracy, and stability as a function of temperature and time. Sensor modules are offered in two versions with display, or without. In addition, the company offers economical version of the module, which can operate only with one type of sensor - temperature and humidity sensor UPWT.



The modules are interconnected using the popular and reliable RS485 MODBUS ASCII. The total length of the cable can be up to 800m, allowing for installation of the system in a very large production halls. Each module can be activated locally using the button on the front panel, or remotely using a computer running the software.


Central control module DATA LOGGER is responsible for the correct operation of the entire system, and to communicate with a PC. It is equipped with an internal, non-volatile memory, which allows for the generation of up to 250 thousand. samples and allowing the clock to save the date and time recorded the process.


Supplied complete software allows full configuration of the system, which determine the sampling frequency, enable or disable modules, and much more. The data on the screen are presented in the form of graphs or table. You can print any part of the data or archive them on your hard drive or CD.


The SRD is open and can be used with other devices using the same communication interface, such as a new type PID temperature controller manufactured by TELDREAM URM12 or wielkogabarytowym LED display. A comprehensive solution based on the SRD data recording system allows for convenient and efficient supervision of all production processes and environmental conditions in the rooms directly from your computer in the office.