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Recorder Data Logger
Recorder Data Logger

DataLogger has been developed as a solution for the automatic registration of food storage conditions on the surveillance system HACCP. It consists of a measuring unit for measuring the configuration depending on the temperature or humidity, or both temperature and humidity.


The measurement data are stored in non-volatile memory. These data can be periodically transferred to a PC for control TELDREAM supplied by the software. DataLogger is designed so that it can run unattended PC, whose presence is only required to periodically read the results.


Battery-powered system makes it an ideal solution for control and measurement for different types of rooms, food storage containers, refrigerators and food during transport.

DataLogger will keep complete documentation of the HACCP system, which is required wherever it is stored, processed and manufactured foods.


In addition DataLogger signaling cross reference allows measured values during shipment will tell you that one of the refrigerators stopped freeze and the temperature has reached unacceptable meat carried a higher temperature.


Data Logger does not require any communication wires. It is a stand-alone device, which is its unquestionable advantage.