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Power regulator ARM
Power regulator ARM

The power controllers set percentage of the power which is to be supplied to the actuator. Adjustment is by way of time. Depending on the percentage set by the duty ratio is selected interval. The time interval is programmable.


Power controllers have two control outputs. Relay output contactor is used to control the output voltage controls the power semiconductor switches.


Power control ARM is an analog version of the device. The controller provided this percentage is set by a potentiometer.


The basic parameters of power controllers are:

  • implemented functions: maintaining temperature control, power supplied
  • Control: contactors, triacs, thyristors
  • type of control: Proportional Time
  • Output type: Relay and Voltage
  • Sound and light alarm signals
  • non-volatile memory to store your settings
  • continuation of the process after power failure
  • Typical applications: welding, keep the temperature without measurement, control power supplied, ovens and other
  • regulators are manufactured in standard housings and 96x96 mm 96x48.