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Microprocessor time control URM12-T

Time relay URM12-T is a device that allows for the realization of time functions using a changeover relay. The controller is equipped with three grouped keys on the front panel which allows for easy entry setting (time), and to enable / disable the countdown at any time.


The device can operate in the following modes:

  • Activate the relay for a specified period of time. After the preset time, the relay is disconnected.
  • Activate the relay after the preset time until release it with a key.
  • Activate the relay after the preset time for the previously specified time.
  • Repeat to attach and release relay.

The time can be set:

  • In the hours and minutes
  • In the minutes and seconds
  • In the seconds and hundredths of a second

The machine can be equipped with an auxiliary input for connecting an external trigger button / stop timing. On request it is possible to prepare the version with the option to connect devices in a cascade, controlled via MODBUS ASCII or individually prepared implementing the control algorithm.