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Humidity controller URM12

URM12 is a universal controller that could successfully compete with the best solutions in the market. Hysteresis allows both control and using the PID algorithm. Extensive measurement input allows you to work with a wide range of sensors such as sensors, resistive (eg Pt100), thermocouple, sensors with current output 0-20mA or 4-20mA, or a voltage output 0-1V. All these features make the URM12 controller can successfully control the temperature, humidity, pressure, and other physical quantities.


The controller with connected humidity sensor acts as a humidity  control.


The controller is available in two versions, the basic and extended.


The basic version has:

Programmable measuring circuit for sensor type selection at work

10-bit Analog-to-Digital provides satisfactory for most applications, the accuracy of

Timer function


Extended version also has:

12-bit analog-to-digital for even greater accuracy
The clock enable control for a preset time

Galvanically isolated RS485 interface Modbus ASCII

Analog output (current or voltage)


The versatility of solutions, and a wide range of attachable sensors allows you to use this device to control a variety of processes such as heating, cooling, delayed cooking, drying, pressure control, level, etc.



Implemented features:

  • maintain a preset value (eg, temperature) of one process
  • process control

Basic parameters:

  • number of measuring inputs: 1
  • wide range of sensors can be connected
  • Control option: contactors, triacs, thyristors
  • Control type: PID or hysteresis
  • PID parameters can be programmed by the user
  • Sound and light alarm signals
  • non-volatile memory to store your settings
  • continuation of the process after power failure